A fundamental change in drug biodistribution and performance.

TRX’s technology enables targeted oral drug delivery to specific organs, cells and tissues in cancer, CNS and respiratory diseases and diseases of the immune system using a clinically and developmentally proven approach.

TRx Technology

Radical approaches to drug absorption, transport and destination.

A disruptive advancement in oral drug uptake, trafficking therapeutics directly to the site of disease, reducing the impact of first-pass metabolism and enhancing production of regulatory immune cells. TRx is leveraging these and other benefits across a growing portfolio of co-development and wholly-owned programmes.

TRx Pipeline

Why TRx?

  • Potential to transform the design, delivery and development of small molecule-based oral therapies
  • Exploitation of a novel oral drug uptake channel that utilises existing human biology
  • Transcend state-of-the-art oral drug delivery technologies
  • Bring unexploitable pharmacology to clinical significance
  • Clinically proven technology, rapidly deployable and manufacturable at scale
  • Robust and long-term IP protection
  • For partners, a proven track record in solving complex pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic limitations for lead clinical programmes
TRx Strategy

TRx Technology.

1. Absorption

  • Utilise unexploited uptake channels solving historic limitations in drug absorption using existing human biology
  • High drug load into chylomicrons prior to systemic distribution

2. Transport

  • Avoidance of first pass metabolism and sustained metabolic protection
  • Priming of key immune cells followed wider drug distribution commencing with lung and brain

3. Targeting

  • On top of increased systemic absorption chylomicrons enhance uptake in tumors and brain
  • New opportunities exist to generate regulatory immune cells with systemic reach
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TRx Leadership.

Dr Robin Bannister

CEO, Co-founder

Robin has over 30 years in Biopharma R&D commercialisation with proven success as a drug developer & entrepreneur, illustrated by the multiple marketed products and successful exits (e.g. Seebri, Arakis) spanning his career to date. Robin has particular scientific expertise in novel biology exploitation via the development of high–value, low-risk products. Robin is an Executive Director of TRx Biosciences Limited.

John Brew

CSO, Co-founder

With over 20 years experience in biopharma product development, John has progressed numerous R&D programmes from concept to market (e.g. Flarin™️). John has developed deep experience in non-clinical & clinical development & regulatory affairs. His scientific expertise spans biology, toxicology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics & pharmaceutics. John is an Executive Director of TRx Biosciences Limited.

Dr Dan Gooding

CBO, Co-founder
Dan brings >20 years experience in biopharma technology development, commercialisation, entrepreneurship & business development. As founding CEO of Nuformix, Dan oversaw seed round to IPO securing >20x for founder investors. completing multiple out-licensing & financing transactions whilst transitioning NFX from technology development to product development. Dan is an Executive Director of TRx Biosciences Limited.
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TRx News.

Monument Tx to present positive first-in-human clinical study data for MT1980, a novel treatment for neuroinflammation enabled by TRx technology

Oxilio Reports Favourable Open-Labelled Clinical Study to Evaluate the Safety and Pharmacokinetic Profile of OXL001 using TRx Technology

TRx signs Out-licensing Agreement with Monument Therapeutics

TRx signs Research Agreement with Oxilio Limited for OXL001

TRx signs cannabinoid Research Agreement with Mandarapharma

TRx Biosciences opens R&D facility at Babraham Campus, Cambridge

TRx Biosciences files Biodistribution Technology Platform IP

TRx Biosciences Announces Completion of Seed Round Fundraise

TRx Biosciences and Arecor Announce Research Collaboration

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