The Problem

This inherent limitation has two consequences:
  • The therapeutic potential of even well absorbed drugs is often not maximised.
  • New and existing lipophilic or highly complex molecules require bio-enabling delivery approaches to address solubility and permeability limitations simultaneously

The Solution

The TRx approach offers new opportunities in oral drug delivery for existing drugs and future beyond the-rule-of-5 molecules:

  • Well absorbed drugs can be highly targeted towards specific cells and tissues to best leverage their pharmacology
  • Size and specificity of more complex molecules no longer problematic for absorption

We believe TRx technology has the potential to disrupt the design and development of existing and future small molecule-based therapies, as demonstrated by our data.

Targeted delivery across three tiers


  • Solving the delivery of problematic lipophilic small molecules
  • Leverage chylomicron drug delivery benefits


  • Preferential targeting of brain & lung
  • Avoidance of first pass metabolism
  • Reduction of systemic toxicology


  • Enhanced delivery to lipid avid tissues
  • Producing regulatory immune cells with systemic reach