Cambridge, UK, 27th April 2021 – TRx is pleased to announce completion of a research agreement with Mandarapharma, a Canadian medicinal cannabis specialist applying strain informatics in the development of novel therapies for the treatment of various central nervous system disorders.

Together, TRx and Mandara will evaluate the performance of TRx’s technology platform within Mandara’s lead programme for the treatment of anxiety, with the opportunity to expand applications towards depression, PTSD and traumatic brain injury across Mandara’s proprietary strain portfolio.

TRx technology offers the potential to address uptake and first-pass metabolism challenges in the oral delivery of cannabinoid blends, whilst also targeting the brain as a specific delivery site.

TRx CEO Dr Robin Bannister said “We’re delighted to be entering further collaborations in the CNS disease space. Our data to date strongly suggests that TRx technology can preferentially target drug delivery to the brain, whilst simultaneously avoiding first pass metabolism. These attributes are particularly relevant to enabling the therapeutic potential of the cannabinoids. Mandara’s seasoned Pharma team are combining TRx technology with their proprietary strain data to create new options in addressing unmet needs in the CNS space  Our partnership offers an opportunity to explore these challenges, which are applicable to multiple drug families suffering from similar limitations.”

In the event of successful application of TRx’s technology within Mandara’s lead programme, the company will receive a mixture of upfront, milestone and royalty payments as Mandara progress clinical development, with the opportunity to broaden the partnership across multiple Mandara development programmes.