Cambridge, UK, 13th January 2021 – TRx is pleased to announce completion of an research agreement with Oxilio Limited, a pioneering drug development company repurposing existing drugs to address unmet needs in cancer treatment.

Together, TRx and Oxilio will evaluate the performance of TRx’s technology platform within Oxilio’s OXL001 programme which presents significant potential as a breakthrough therapy for pan-cancer treatment having generated compelling proof-of-concept patient data.

TRx technology offers the potential to address bioavailability and pharmacokinetic challenges in achieving and maintaining efficacious exposure whilst enhancing tumour uptake to maximise the utility of OXL001’s pharmacology

TRx CEO, Dr Robin Bannister said “We’re very excited to be entering TRx’s first agreement in the oncology space. We believe we have a significant opportunity to simultaneously address small molecule uptake challenges whilst preferentially targeting drug delivery to tumour sites. Our partnership with Oxilio offers an opportunity to explore these exact challenges, which given Oxilio’s novel mechanistic approach and promising patient data offers tremendous near-term potential benefit to cancer patients, in particular those refractive to current therapies”.

In the event of successful application of TRx’s technology to OXL001, the company will receive a mixture of upfront, milestone and royalty payments as Oxilio progress development.