Unlocking drug performance in partnership

TRx has entered focussed co-development programmes to establish our technology for small molecules and disease areas with strong relevance to our specific oral targeting benefits.

  • Each collaborator molecule has presented multiple significant challenges to best achieve the desired efficacy
  • TRx technology is uniquely enhancing both pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics to enable progression of each programme
  • Recent data generated in each programme is supporting an accelerated path to clinic whilst improving our partners ability to increase IP protection and raise investment

TRx expects three co-development programmes to enter clinical development stages during 2022.

Partnering is a key strategy component

The opportunity to solve challenging drug absorption problems whilst targeting the brain, tumours and the immune system offers immense therapeutic potential.

Our success to date means we’re keen to enter new partnerships so our technology can further maximise drug performance.

Partners benefit from:

  • Our track record inĀ solving complex pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic limitations for partner lead programmes
  • A clinically proven technology, manufacturable at scale
  • Strong IP with significant precedent in underpinning marketed products (protection to at least 2041)
  • Rapid path to clinic versus traditional models
  • TRx team’s experience in the development of multiple small products and technologies

TRx aspires to add great value to our partner’s programmes, supported by growing intelligence from the clinical progression of our technology.